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You probably also remember the mythical vinyl stores. Those where we went to discover the new albums that arrived every week. It was the 90s, and it was precisely there, in one of those stores, that I had my first crush. I discovered electronic music.


In no time, I got two vinyl turntables with which I started to make my first mixes.

How could it be otherwise, I began to experiment with hard rhythms and accelerated BPM like hard dance and new style, making everyone who came to my parties sweat.


With the entry of the 2000s, I was slowing down the revolutions discovering the trance and progressive, which became my flagship genres.  And although I still enjoy them, I am currently immersed in the melodic, experimenting with genres such as melodic techno and progressive house.


Throughout these years I have had the opportunity to entertain a large number of clubs and events throughout Barcelona and part of Spain.  I believe that the job of a Dj is to adapt to what the public wants to hear at all times, get to know it and give them an unforgettable experience through music.


With this in mind, I set out to start producing and creating the songs that I like to listen to.

After thinking about it a lot and making a thousand excuses for not doing it, I decided to take the step.  I started with the support of a mentor who helped me understand the language of music and translate my ideas.

After many hours of work and dedication, today I have managed to sign with national labels such as Madrid's XTR Records and international labels such as MojoHeadz Records and Valesca Records.


During all this experience with music I have learned many things, but I could summarize them in two sentences:


That it is never too late to start and that music is the universal language.

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